St. Paul's UMC
Sunday, January 20, 2019
Small Church - Big Heart

From the Pastor

Thanks for visiting our website.  We hope that you will find just enough of what you are looking for here as is necessary for you to come through the doors of the church to find the rest.  Jesus is all about God and people and all of our relationships - and being together is the best way for those relationships to grow.  We hope that you will walk through the doors of St. Paul's and give us the opportunity to welcome you as God would have you be welcomed.
Now just in case you are wondering what kind of messages you will hear from the pulpit, here's my guarantee: Every message you hear will be in line with what God says in the 43rd chapter of the book of Isaiah: "In my eyes, you are precious, honored, and loved." That doesn't mean that you will hear happy-marshmallow-good times and kisses sermons each week - we're living in the real world - but it does mean that the core message you hear will be in line with what God says about you.  You are God's precious child.
If you have any questions, please call or e-mail us.  This is a really neat church, doing great ministry, and with all sorts of ways to grow, learn and serve.  There is a place for you here.
No matter who you are, what you have done, where you have been or why you came, you are God's precious child and you are welcome here.
Your brother in Christ,
David Dunaway